Defending Licenses And Protecting Careers

The amount of dedication and hard work you have committed to achieving professional success is substantial; therefore, protecting your professional license or certification from any adverse action taken by a licensing board is of the utmost importance. When facing possible sanction of your license or any other disciplinary action, experienced representation is necessary to adequately protect your professional license.

Strause Law Group, PLLC, has defended a variety of professionals from adverse actions taken by their respective state licensing board. Examples of these professions include engineers and land surveyors, architects, real estate agents, podiatrists, and other medical professionals.

At Strause Law Group, PLLC, in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, we understand the anxiety our clients experience after receiving a complaint or accusation from their licensing board. We fully appreciate and comprehend the negative impact a licensing board's investigation can have on your career and what is at stake. Therefore, we vigorously defend your professional license or certification, while minimizing the negative effects associated with an investigation.

Administrative Process And Hearings

In order to adequately defend against negative action of a professional license or other disciplinary actions, a thorough understanding of the administrative process is essential. At Strause Law Group, PLLC, a major focus of our firm is administrative and regulatory compliance.

As a result of focusing on matters concerning administrative agencies, our attorneys have developed substantial knowledge and experience in this area. In particular, our attorneys are highly experienced with the administrative hearings and the administrative appeals process concerning professional licensure. In order to fully protect your professional license and future career, our attorneys incorporate their expertise of the administrative process and past successful strategies into a defense that meets the individual needs of our clients.

Strause Law Group, PLLC, provides legal representation to a variety of professionals, including:

If you have received a complaint or accusation from a licensing board, please contact us online or call 502-498-8268 or 859-428-7029 to discuss your legal concerns with one of our professional licensure defense lawyers.