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Defending Against Abuse And Neglect Accusations

The Lexington and Louisville-based abuse allegations attorneys at The Strause Law Group represent facilities and individuals accused of abuse or neglect, including child care centers, health care providers and other parties in this area. If you or the institution you represent is facing these allegations, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. We can explain your legal options to protect your license, reputation and relationships.

We are ready to provide the experienced legal counsel you need on your child care legal matter. Contact our Kentucky abuse and neglect accusations lawyers by calling 502-498-8268 or 859-428-7029 to arrange for an initial consultation to discuss your concerns.

Is Your License At Risk?

Claims of abuse or neglect at a day care center or child care center can have far-reaching effects on the institution. An aggressive defense is essential, not only to avoid criminal liability but also to protect the facility’s reputation.

Our attorneys will take the time to investigate the charges against you and determine a course of legal action that aims to protect your license. We have extensive experience handling cases of day care neglect and abuse accusations, and our solutions-based approach saves time and money in addressing disputes.

Experienced Legal Team In Cases Involving Day Care Centers

We are dedicated to serving the needs of child care centers, as well as the needs of the parents who put trust in these providers to take care of their children. If you operate a day care facility, we can help you defend against false allegations. We can also assist your facility in developing effective plans of correction for statements of deficiency. If you suspect your child is the victim of abuse, we can also help in prosecuting personal injury claims. Whatever the case may be, you can rely on our reputation for personalized service as we fight to obtain a favorable result for you.

Call For A Consultation

To find out more about our services regarding abuse and neglect accusations, contact our lawyers online or call 502-498-8268 or 859-428-7029 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.