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Threatened With Revocation Of Medical Staff Privileges?

Medical staff privileges at hospitals and other health care facilities, for many physicians, are essential for treating patients. In the event these privileges are threatened with revocation or even suspended, the impact can be disastrous on the physician’s practice. The effects of this negative action can have long-term consequences. Possible reporting to the National Practitioner Data Bank or Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure is a very real consideration.

Where Our Attorneys Come In

At the Louisville and Lexington law firm of Strause Law Group, PLLC, our lawyers represent physician’s medical staff privileges in the following areas:

  • Suspensions or revocations
  • Peer review issues
  • Reporting – National Practitioner Data Bank matters
  • Fair hearings
  • Disruptive physician issues
  • Incident reports

Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the hospital bylaws and the process governing the physician’s ability to challenge a negative recommendation on medical staff privileges. We meticulously investigate and analyze the relevant facts and their relation to the medical staff privileges. Having analyzed your legal matter, we develop a negotiation strategy that may secure a positive outcome for both parties.

When settlement is not an option for our client, we will vigorously advocate for your interest (medical staff privileges) at a fair hearing, in a state court or in a federal court. We will not hesitate to accept challenging cases or opponents. Our strong record of results testifies to our attorneys’ acumen and legal ability.

Protect Your Privileges As A Medical Professional. Call Now.

Contact a medical staff privileges attorney who is adept at representing physicians who face the threat of suspension or revocation of their medical staff privileges. To speak with an attorney about medical staff privileges, contact us online or call 502-498-8268 or 859-428-7029.