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Do The Divorce Orders Need To Be Changed?

Because life doesn’t stand still, you may need to request that the family court modify your divorce order, custody decree or support obligation. Talk to a family law attorney at The Strause Law Group in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.

Circumstances That May Warrant A Post-Judgment Modification

When a parent moves, when finances change or when a child’s needs change, it may require a change or modification in the divorce orders. Talk to a divorce lawyer at Strause Law Group, PLLC, about a post-decree modification.

  • What happens when a parent moves and takes the child? Current visitation or parenting-time agreements will need to be modified to ensure the child still has the opportunity to be with both parents.
  • When financial resources change, what happens to child support? When either parent has a significant shift in income — either an increase or decrease — the court will want to review the circumstances and alter the child support.
  • Can alimony or maintenance be changed — or stopped? When financial circumstances change, it may be time to modify or stop alimony or maintenance. Talk to your lawyer about petitioning the court.
  • Is there a need to change court-ordered custody? As a child grows older and has different needs, it may be wise to modify custody. If one parent becomes unfit to care for a child because of illness, addiction or some other cause, talk to a lawyer about a change in custody.

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Contact Us To Get Answers To Your Modification Questions

At Strause Law Group, PLLC, we believe every client is entitled to experienced legal counsel, as well as personal service. We are dedicated to protecting the business and personal interests of our clients. If you are seeking a post-judgment modification, please contact our family law attorneys online or call 502-498-8268 or 859-428-7029 to discuss your legal matter.