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Minimizing Risks And Maximizing Success

At the Strause Law Group, PLLC, a significant focus of our firm concerns business and corporate law. Our lawyers have substantial experience counseling our clients in this area, from establishing a new business to winding down an existing company. Our attorneys understand the risks and liabilities that are associated with being a business owner in Kentucky. We represent our clients with the goal of minimizing those risks in order to maximize our clients’ potential success.

Business Startups And Entrepreneur Issues

The risks associated with starting a new business can be diminished with the guidance of knowledgeable counsel throughout the process. Our attorneys advise our clients on the proper selection of their business entity and draft all necessary documents for formation. We also design, review and analyze a broad range of documents that protect your business’ interests, including noncompete/trade secret, confidentiality, vendor, franchise and employment agreements.

Our attorneys are practiced negotiators, able to develop aggressive strategies that secure advantageous terms. We also understand that without sufficient financing, the success of our clients’ new business or ongoing business could be in jeopardy. Therefore, we counsel our clients on the available sources of financing and assist them in obtaining sufficient capital for their needs.

Noncompete Or Trade Secret Agreements

Noncompete agreements can play an essential, strategic role in protecting your business’ interests. While these agreements are often considered unenforceable because of their restrictive nature, our attorneys possess the requisite knowledge and skill to draft agreements that will be upheld in court. If such agreements are challenged, our attorneys enforce these agreements for our clients.

Another way you can protect your business interests are with trade secret and confidentiality agreements. Our attorneys understand which aspects of your unique business can be protected. We draft agreements to protect those unique aspects and to ensure the continuance of the economic advantage you possess over your competitors.

Commercial Transactions

We tailor our representation to the particular needs of our clients, whether that means analyzing and negotiating contracts our clients are considering entering into or drafting entirely new contracts whose terms are fair, yet advantageous to our client. Whether growing your business organically or through acquisitions, our firm handles all matters dealing with the buying and selling of businesses. If need be, our attorneys also assist our clients with the winding down and dissolution of an existing company.

Business Disputes

Litigation can be costly, but sometimes it is the only option available that adequately protects your business’ interests. At Strause Law Group, PLLC, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants and dedicate our efforts to resolving our clients’ cases effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our litigation attorneys have experience in litigating a broad range of disputes that arise in the business context, including but not limited to breaches of contract, administrative law issues, employee grievances, vendor disputes, asset purchase disputes and franchise disputes. Our firm seeks to minimize your litigation concerns so you can continue with the successful management of your business.

Take The First Step

At The Strause Law Group, we are invested in the success of the individuals and businesses we represent and customize our representation to meet your particular needs and expectations. Please contact us online or call 502-498-8268 or 859-428-7029 to discuss any legal concerns regarding your business. Our offices are located conveniently in Lexington and Louisville.