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Defense Against Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Accusations

The attorneys of The Strause Law Group represent health care providers accused of Medicare or Medicaid fraud. Physicians and other health care professionals are under scrutiny by state and federal governments. We represent clients in civil, criminal and administrative matters.

Contact our law offices in Lexington or Louisville, Kentucky, to schedule an initial consultation with an insurance fraud defense lawyer. We represent clients throughout Kentucky.

Examples Of Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Our law office represents health care providers accused of Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud involving a variety of actions:

  • Fraudulent billing for services not rendered
  • Fraudulent filling of prescriptions
  • Administering unnecessary treatments
  • Falsifying information
  • Kickbacks or self-referrals

A conviction for Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud, or an administrative finding of civil fraud, can have severe consequences – consequences that could affect your professional license. The attorneys at our firm will take measures to protect your freedom as well as your professional license. Clients value our experience and perspective in handling Medicare and Medicaid fraud accusation cases, and our solutions-based approach saves time and money in addressing disputes.

Investigating Charges Of Administrative Fraud

Often, our clients are facing charges of Medicaid or Medicare fraud after making an honest mistake in the billing process. Many times, it is an administrative employee within the practice who made the mistake, but it is the physician who is ultimately held responsible. Understandably, these mistakes often happen due to the complex Medicare/Medicaid billing systems. We have experience analyzing these intricate billing systems, as well as other transactional records.

Contact A Medicare Fraud Defense Lawyer

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