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Resolving Wage And Hour Violation Allegations

Wage and hour violations can arise in a variety of contexts. They can result in employees losing out on wages they are entitled to by law. Employers may face back-pay liability and civil penalties, even if such violations are not intentional.

At the federal level, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), 29 U.S.C. §201, regulates employers that engage in interstate commerce. Kentucky also has state wage and hour laws that are set forth in KRS Chapters 337 and 339. While a majority of employers are subject to the FLSA, if state law provides greater benefits to employees, employers must follow state law in addition to federal law.

Equipped To Handle Complex Claims

Complying with these laws can be difficult if you do not have a legal background. Our attorneys at Strause Law Group, PLLC, have a deep understanding of the FLSA, which we use to educate employers on their duties and obligations under the state and federal laws. We have represented employers in a variety of industries, helping them address wage and hour issues proactively and limiting the likelihood of facing a violation.

Some of those issues we handle on behalf of our clients are:

  • Independent contractor classification
  • Problems with temporary/leased employees
  • Frequency and timing of payment issues
  • Meal break and break violations
  • Record keeping
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Improper deductions

Many of the wage and hour complaints that our lawyers handle involve misclassification claims. Misclassification cases involve employers mistakenly classifying certain employees as exempt from overtime and usually involve the “white collar” exemptions. But other exemptions from overtime can also be implicated. Our wage and hour attorneys understand how misclassifications can occur since an overtime-exempt status determination requires an in-depth analysis of the duties of an employee.

Whether defending or prosecuting a claim for back pay, our attorneys are ready to design an effective legal strategy that addresses the individual needs of our clients and secures a favorable outcome.

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