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At Strause Law Group, PLLC, we appreciate the unique needs and concerns of our physician group practice clients and provide a wide array of services to address each one thoroughly. Our lawyers understand that each group practice is different and that what may have worked for one of our clients may not work for another. We use our experience to find a solution to our clients’ individual and unique concerns.

Some examples of health care legal services we provide for our clients are:

  • Formation, compensation and noncompete agreements: Our attorneys assist and advise our clients on the development of the group practice structure, which is essential to the success of the practice. We also review and negotiate agreements that are necessary for the functioning of the practice, such as physician compensation agreements and physician-hospital agreements. Our firm also reviews, negotiates and drafts noncompete agreements to ensure adequate protection from physicians leaving the practice.
  • Efficiency reviews: Our attorneys can review your business to determine if and to what extent your practice can minimize its overhead costs and assist in the implementation of those changes.
  • Business transactions: Business law is a major area of our firm. Our attorneys are highly experienced in reviewing, negotiating and drafting agreements for the sale and purchase of a practice. Should you seek to acquire a practice, our attorneys perform due diligence and assist you in understanding the financial status of that practice.
  • Physician removal from plans: Our firm understands the negative impact removal from an insurance plan can have on your business, such as the loss of patients and goodwill. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the systems insurance providers use to decide whether to remove a physician from a plan. We use that understanding to advantageously defend our clients’ claims for reinstatement.
  • Medical staff privileges: Medical staff privileges are essential for treating patients. Revocation or suspension of those privileges can negatively affect your practice. With each case, our attorneys develop a deep understanding of the hospital bylaws and the process governing the physician’s ability to challenge a negative recommendation on staff privileges. We further investigate and analyze all relevant facts to assist our clients in reaching a resolution between their practice and the hospital.
  • Regulatory compliance: Health care regulatory law is a major focus of our firm. We have defended health care providers facing Medicaid and Medicare fraud allegations. Our attorneys also assist clients in issues arising in connection with the Anti-Kickback statute and Stark Law.
  • Licensure defense: Our attorneys are experienced in a broad range of licensure matters such as standard of care, peer review, alcohol and drug abuse, prescribing controlled substances issues, misappropriation of medications, patient charting issues, and allegations of sexual misconduct.

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