Finding Solutions Through Arbitration And Mediation

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has become increasingly more popular as a way for parties to resolve their disputes. With courts being overwhelmed with massive caseloads, mediation and arbitration have become attractive to parties seeking a more cost-effective and efficient route than traditional methods of resolution. Our attorneys at The Strause Law Group, PLLC, have experience in both arbitration and mediation at the local and national levels.

The use of mediation and arbitration can arise in a variety of contexts. Parties often use arbitration because they have entered into an agreement that calls for the arbitration of disputes between the two parties. Resolution of commercial disputes is gaining greater traction through arbitration. Typically, a third party (arbitrator) will review the evidence presented by the parties and issue a decision on the merits. Arbitration is particularly useful with the resolution of complex matters where an arbitrator possessing the requisite expertise reviews the evidence before reaching a decision. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in the arbitration of business disputes and health care claims before the American Arbitration Association.

Mediation is virtually used in every type of dispute, from family law matters to complex securities litigation to facilitate settlement between parties. While a neutral third party works with both parties to reach a resolution, it is the parties who make the decision, not a judge or jury. From our offices in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, we understand the benefits mediation offers and take advantage of it, when appropriate for our clients.

Our attorneys are experienced in negotiations and have represented both plaintiffs and defendants before local and national organizations. Our firm has found that mediation is useful in resolving claims concerning employment disputes such as discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, breach of contract, and retaliation and whistleblower claims. Our attorneys have also used mediation in the resolution of securities disputes.

Mediation and arbitration are the essential methods of alternative dispute resolution, which may provide cost-effective and efficient resolution to our clients' matters. Please contact us online or call 502-498-8268 or 859-428-7029 to discuss your legal concerns with one of our experienced mediation and arbitration lawyers.

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