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Surrendering a medical license may be better than suspension

Facing any claim of wrongdoing or misconduct can put your medical license in peril in Kentucky. The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure has the authority to take your license away if it has the right evidence. If you feel your case before the board is looking unpromising, it may be better to surrender your medical license rather than face a suspension.  

This may seem like a drastic measure to take, but in some cases, it may be a good move. According to Advisory Board, surrendering your license instead of having it suspended could allow you to keep practicing medicine if you wish. 

Moving to another state 

The main idea is that when surrendering your license, you do not face the same penalties as you would with a suspension. Many states will allow you to get a license and practice medicine even if you surrender your license in Kentucky. If you have a suspension, though, it is not likely you can work in another state.  

Avoiding consequences 

In addition to being able to move somewhere and practice medicine, you also will avoid the consequences of a suspension. This includes a black mark on your reputation. Losing your license is a major problem that can cost you a lot of money now and in the future if you get your license back. It also can save you time and money to just surrender your license. 

Do keep in mind that each state has its own rules and medical board. So, not every state may allow you to get a medical license if you have surrendered a license in another state. In addition, just because you avoid a suspension, it may not absolve you of wrongdoing. The state medical board in the state where you move will do its own background check and investigation before issuing you a new license.