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How can an employee handbook give your company a leg up?

As a Kentucky business owner, you may want to consider creating an employee handbook. A handbook serves as both a solid communication tool and a way for you to spell out your expectations for those who work for you. 

How can an employee handbook benefit your company?

Some of the key advantages of creating and distributing an employee handbook that all new hires receive include the following:

1. It may help you avoid litigation

When you run your own company, you always face the threat of an employee filing a lawsuit against you or your business. Having all employees thoroughly read – and sign – a copy of your employee handbook may help defend you against such claims. 

How? By signing your handbook, an employee is confirming they know and agree to the company policies and the employment terms that come with working for you. It also demonstrates that you took reasonable care to inform your employees about expectations and policies, which may make it more difficult for them to pursue claims against you. 

2. It helps you establish consistency with company policies

A handbook gives you an opportunity to lay out your expectations with regard to employment, general conduct, compensation and similar areas, helping you maintain consistency companywide. It also gives your managers something to reference when managing workers and communicating policies and practices. 

3. It helps ensure compliance with applicable laws

You may also use your handbook to outline the state and federal laws with which you must comply. By putting them in writing, you are showing your workers you make it a priority to maintain compliance in all areas. 

Overall, making sure your employees understand their role in the company and what is expected of them can lead to a healthier working environment and employee/employer relationship. An employee handbook can be the tool you need to achieve this.