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Facing trouble with a patient? It’s time to defend your license

As a chiropractor, your priority is making your patients feel better. You trained for a long time to get where you are, and you’re always taking new courses to make sure you can provide quality services.

Every patient you see is important to you, which is why you don’t understand why you have a patient claiming that you did something wrong. Everything you’ve done has been consistent with the treatment you would have thought they’d receive elsewhere.

What can you do if a patient is unhappy with your services?

The first thing to consider is talking to your attorney before having a discussion with the patient. The reality is that anyone can sue for anything (in the majority of cases) even if they don’t really have much to go on. Your attorney will help you consider different angles of the case and if it may be beneficial for you to have a conversation with that patient about what happened.

The fact that the patient went as far as to make a complaint to the Kentucky Board of Chiropractic Examiners should let you know that they were upset about what they perceived you did wrong. When you face a complaint like this, it’s vital to have your attorney work with you. You may need to defend yourself and your license.

Your attorney can help you with all kinds of impacts that this may have, such as having to go through a peer review or needing to speak with the board.

Our website has more on the regulatory process and how an attorney can help you defend yourself against unfair claims of wrongdoing.