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Louis D. Brandeis the Lawyer

by Cameron Strause

Louis Brandeis is one of the most distinguished lawyers ever from Kentucky. Brandeis was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1856. After graduating from Male High School in Louisville, he studied at Annen-Realschule in Germany. Following his studies in Germany, he was persuaded to study law by his uncle Lewis Dembitz. Louis Brandeis proceeded to enroll at Harvard Law School and graduated with the highest honors.

Eventually, Brandeis settled down in Boston and partnered with Samuel Warren. Together they combined their knowledge of law with an impressive ability to develop the law. This is clear through collaborative articles, such as “The Right to Privacy”. Brandeis’ public service and devotion to the underrepresented population gained recognition and ultimately was responsible for his title as “the people’s lawyer”. In 1916, Brandeis was named Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He served this role until 1939. Two years later, in 1949, Louis Brandeis passed away.

Louis Brandeis’s fingerprint is still visible today. His dedication to an underrepresented population and developing the law remains relevant. The University of Louisville Law School in his hometown bears his name. In honor of his public service, the University of Louisville Law School Law School features one of the country’s first five mandatory public service programs.