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Medical Spas

Fast-Growing Facilities Combining the Medical and Beauty Industries

Over the past several years, the practice of medicine has experienced major shifts that have transformed it into a more dynamic and versatile field. One notable change is the creation and popularization of medical spas, also known as “medspas” or “medispas.” Medical spas are facilities that offer a combination of medical and beauty services, providing clients with minimally invasive cosmetic and esthetics procedures (i.e., Botox injections, chemical peels, facials, nail technology), as well as massages and pedicures, typical of a traditional spa or salon. Medical spas have exploded into a multibillion-dollar industry over the past 10 years, and experts predict this upward trajectory will continue. Professionals who plan to establish or maintain a medical spa face unique obstacles as this field evolves.

Key Players

Employers must understand which licensing boards regulate medical spas and their staff in order to comply with state law. Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and dieticians are regulated by various boards. Each board has specific statutes and regulations, which often require certain credentialing and limit the scope of services that the licensed individual can provide.

In Kentucky, professionals providing services in medspas must also answer to the Board of Cosmetology, which currently regulates these facilities. However, the Kentucky General Assembly has considered establishing additional regulations from both the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure and the Kentucky Board of Nursing. In the expanding world of medspas, employers must stay up to date on which boards regulate the practice and which licenses these boards require.

Medical Spa Ownership and Operation

In Kentucky, every new or existing medical spa must be incorporated as a business entity with the Secretary of State. The owners and operators of the medical spas are responsible for all conduct within the facility. They must carefully evaluate their policies concerning supervision, training, employment agreements, advertisements, and more to comply with state law. Owners of medical spas must understand these important responsibilities to avoid liability risks to their respective licenses and careers.

Unique Regulatory Challenges

The unique features of medical spas present special legal challenges. As medspas blur the line between medical/health practice and cosmetology, the specific regulatory requirements of these facilities become uncertain. It is crucial as an employer to ensure that your company is meeting your state’s license and supervision requirements, as well as staying up to date on laws affecting every stage of forming, owning, and operating a medspa. When making these important decisions for your business, contact a firm with the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate these unique matters.